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1:1 Coaching Services


Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching: Coaching is NOT meant to address mental health issues or diagnoses.

My role as your coach is to take on a more active approach to reaching your desired goal(s). This allows you to have more access to me throughout the week via ongoing communication so that you can ask additional questions and receive additional support outside of your standard coaching call with me. As your coach I will be firm & direct while holding you accountable every step of the way.


Unlike therapy, coaching is not an ongoing process. My coaching containers are 4 months long. Coaching is available to anyone in the United States as well as internationally. All coaching sessions are facilitated during eastern standard time (EST).

Therapy: Therapy is unlike coaching where you will be clinically assessed and diagnosed to address mental health concerns. 


In therapy, we meet once a week and communication outside of your therapy sessions are very limited. Emotional support will only be provided during therapy sessions. As your therapist, I utilize a Somatic Experiencing framework to help you move through past/current concerns.

Unlike coaching, therapy sessions are ongoing. This means that there is no set end date to your therapy sessions and together, we will decide when it is appropriate to transition out of therapy. Therapy sessions are only available to individuals in Massachusetts & Rhode Island.

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