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Individual Services

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Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy services to women who have experienced sexual assault, childhood abuse & neglect, and complex trauma. I work with women who are struggling with boundary setting, issues of self-esteem, trauma flashbacks, dissociation, depression and anxiety. 

I use a combination of Somatic Experiencing® techniques, meditation practices, and compassion focused techniques to help women develop healthier relationships with themselves and others. 

The clients that I typically see are those that are all talked out and ready to take their healing to the next level through somatic therapy. If you are prepared to address the underlying causes of your symptoms, anticipate a focused and purposeful approach right from the start of your first session with me. 


As your therapist, I will work towards creating a safe environment through a warm, compassionate, and direct approach. As much as I love challenging clients and taking the work seriously, I also enjoy using humor whenever appropriate!

60 minute sessions: $200 per session

Drop-In Somatic Experiencing Sessions

I offer drop-in Somatic Experiencing sessions at the Intermediate Level for women who do not have a standard individual therapy appointment with me. Drop-in sessions are reserved strictly for Somatic Experiencing and not for talk therapy. 

Drop-in sessions do not guarantee you an ongoing time slot. 

To learn more about Somatic Experiencing, click here.

90 minute sessions: $250 per session

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