Individual Services

I offer two individual services for women who have experienced trauma. I invite you to read more about the services below to help you choose which service is best for you.

Body's Wisdom

Body's Wisdom is a 12-week trauma healing program designed for women. This is a 1:1 program that meets once a week for 90 minutes each session. This program is created for women who have an identified traumatic event that they are ready to heal from.

Body's Wisdom combines Somatic Experiencing® and trauma-informed yoga to help women heal and become the best versions of themselves.


90 minute sessions: $180 per session

Insurance does not cover this program. Please see below.

This program is not for you if you have complex PTSD, complex trauma, or have experienced ongoing abuse. See below for ongoing individual therapy sessions. 

Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy services to women who have experienced sexual assault, childhood abuse & neglect, and complex trauma. I work with women who are struggling with boundary setting, issues of self-esteem, trauma flashbacks, dissociation, depression and anxiety. 

I use a combination of Somatic Experiencing® techniques, meditation practices, and compassion focused techniques to help women develop healthier relationships with themselves and others.  

45 - 60 minute sessions: $125 per session

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance Accepted