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Private Holistic Coaching

1:1 coaching services for women

Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching: Coaching is NOT meant to address mental health issues or diagnoses.

My role as your coach is to take on a more active approach to reaching your desired goal(s). This allows you to have more access to me throughout the week via ongoing communication so that you can ask additional questions and receive additional support outside of your standard coaching call with me. As your coach I will be firm & direct while holding you accountable every step of the way.


Unlike therapy, coaching is not an ongoing process. My coaching containers are 4 months long. Coaching is available to anyone in the United States as well as internationally. All coaching sessions are facilitated during eastern standard time (EST).

Therapy: Therapy is unlike coaching where you will be clinically assessed and diagnosed to address mental health concerns. 


In therapy, we meet once a week and communication outside of your therapy sessions are very limited. Emotional support will only be provided during therapy sessions. As your therapist, I utilize a Somatic Experiencing framework to help you move through past/current concerns.

Unlike coaching, therapy sessions are ongoing. This means that there is no set end date to your therapy sessions and together, we will decide when it is appropriate to transition out of therapy. Therapy sessions are only available to individuals in Massachusetts & Rhode Island.

You. Are. More.

You are MORE than just your trauma.

You Are...

A woman who wants to succeed...    

A woman who is done feeling stuck...      

A woman who wants to love her life...         

A woman who wants to trust herself...             

A woman who wants to feel empowered...          

A woman who wants to live authentically... 

A woman who wants to feels safe in her body...          

A woman who wants to feel deeply connected...       

A woman who feels confident setting boundaries...      

A woman who wants to break generational cycles...      

A woman who wants to be more present & grounded...        

A woman who wants to feel confidently strong on her period...

A woman who wants to feel in control of her thoughts & emotions...


A woman who wants to feel WHOLE.

Becoming WHOLE (again)
Private Holistic Coaching Program

Embark on a transformative journey to wholeness with Becoming WHOLE (again),

a comprehensive 4-month investment that holds the key to unlocking your true potential.


Imagine a life where your every action is driven by intention and authenticity, a life rooted in a regulated nervous system.


Through personalized coaching, I will guide you to fulfill essential human needs, empowering you to not just exist, but thriveEmbrace the chance to live a life

that radiates balance and purpose.


Your journey to an intentional and authentic existence begins here.

Nervous System Regulation is a Lifestyle

What to Expect From Your 4 Month Journey

Unlock the power of true holistic transformation with me as your holistic coach. Get ready to experience a total life revolution – I'm here to boost your overall well-being and help you radiate authenticity in every aspect of your life.

You will get a personalized journey that delves deep into your physical vitality, emotional resilience, mental clarity, social connections, spiritual alignment, and financial stability. As your holistic coach, my mission is to liberate you from nervous system dysregulation and elevate you to a life of sustainable regulation.

Say goodbye to merely surviving and step into a life crafted for thriving. 


A supported and regulated nervous system will change your life.


Your first coaching session with me will be 2 hours long. We will begin by engaging in a 15 minute body scan meditation that I will guide you into. We will then transition into questions around your daily habits, goals, and expectations so that I can complete a comprehensive assessment using a holistic framework. I will also gather information regarding your menstrual cycle so that you can begin cycle syncing. Cycle syncing refers to changing daily habits so that they align with the phases of your menstrual cycle.

Within 72 hours, you will receive your personalized action plan with clear steps that need to be taken and accomplished in order for you to reach your desired outcome(s). 

A total of 13 coaching calls where you will have the opportunity to check in with me about your progress towards your goals as well as discuss problematic areas that need extra attention. During your coaching calls, I will also teach you somatic tools/exercises and breathwork techniques that you can practice outside of your coaching calls. Lastly, you will be given tasks and homework assignments at the end of each call. 

A total of 4 Somatic Experiencing sessions, where you will learn how to track your nervous system, create safety in your body, and release energy that has been stored in your body and contributing to your nervous system dysregulation. 

Access to me via Voxer Monday - Thursday for the next 4 months where you can ask clarification questions or receive additional support outside of your standard coaching calls. 

Access to Becoming WHOLE (again) membership via Kartra where you will find the terms of service agreement and additional resources to support you through your 4 month journey.

I'm here to personally guide you, addressing every question you have and providing unwavering support. Together, we'll unlock the path to your ultimate aspiration – a life of intention, fulfillment, and holistic nervous system regulation. Your unique journey is at the heart of everything we do.


Let's take this step forward together and create the vibrant life you deserve.

Your Investment

Choose your payment option

Option #1 - Paid in Full - $6,000 USD 

Option #2 - 2 Monthly Payments of  $3,000 USD

Option #3 4 monthly payments of $1,500 USD

Complete a Private Coaching Application

In order to be accepted as a private coaching client, you must complete the application.

Once submitted, I will review your responses thoroughly. If I believe that we are a good fit for each other,

I will reach out to you directly to schedule your first coaching call.

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